6th Month Anniversary!

In a minute….six months flew by!

Thank you to all of you who have visited, posted good wishes, did your holiday shopping (especially those of you who ventured into the shop in February and March!) and / or follow The Hamilton Store  via Facebook and Twitter.

On November 1, 2013 The Hamilton Store opened for business.  It has been an exciting, challenging, fulfilling, exhausting, stimulating and incredibily positive 6 months – for me personally and for my store.

As I reflect – and plan for the next 6 months – I keep coming back to something one of  my customers – a “regular” – asked me.  He stopped by,  one wintery day, and said ” So what  have you learned about our city since you opened?”

I replied – in broad strokes – about the shop and my customers – but he planted something in my mind that I have been mulling over ever since.

What have I learned about Hamilton, my city, via my customers?

Here are a few things that I have gleaned in the past 6 months:

People who moved here last month and a year ago – love this city.

I’ve learned that men and women who were raised here, and moved away for various reasons, boomerang back to Hamilton as fiercely proud and engaged citizens .

And their friends and spouses don’t  always “get it “but love them so much they want to learn how to love Hamilton too.

And they want to share “their” Hamilton.

I’ve met life long Hamiltonians who tell me how this city is so terrible & messed up, how it was great in the 50’s, 60’s, even 70’s yet yet when I ask them ” so why are you still here?” tell me what they  LOVE  about Hamilton  and leave with a smile on their face!

Actually I’ve met those who admit to not showing their love for Hamilton because they got tired defending their feelings to naysayers.  They come into the store and bloom!

And I have met so many young people – that would be anyone under 40 – who have ideas, dreams and skills to share. Who are fascinated with Hamilton’s history, geography and nature but see a bright future for this small city, by the Bay, incorporated in 1846.